Premium extra virgin olive oil From our grove to your home. (Apologies but we're no longer fulfilling US orders - only Australian).

From tree to bottle, this award-winning extra virgin olive oil has made its way to homes and restaurants all across the globe. It is creamy, buttery, and packed with savory goodness, making it a chef’s favorite. Without a doubt, an oil to be savoured!

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A special blend made from seven hand-picked varieties of single-origin heirloom olives left to mature naturally and organically.

Picked and pressed within 12 hours and stored in casks to keep light and air out and the olive oil fresh containing a harvest date.

Great olives, blended masterly for flavour profile and product consistency from season to season.

The Yellingbo Story

Fifteen years ago, Howard decided it was time to become what he’d always dreamt of – a farmer. So he planted some olive trees. Now governed by the immutable nature of time, he learnt to be patient. After seven years, the first harvest grew – and Howard proudly pressed his first olives into extra virgin olive oil.

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