The Yellingbo Story

Fifteen years ago, Howard decided it was time to become what he’d always dreamt of – a farmer. So he planted some olive trees. Now governed by the immutable nature of time, he learnt to be patient. After seven years, the first harvest grew – and Howard proudly pressed his first olives into extra virgin olive oil.

Liquid Gold
The New York Times

Howard’s son, Jeremy, realising there was no Australian olive oil in the US, decided to introduce New York to the family oil. Jeremy remembers the day he arrived. “The largest snowstorm in fifteen years fell on the city. But having come so far, I just borrowed a coat and from store to store, pulled a suitcase of oil through the snow.” About - Dad and IAfter waiting – often hours – until buyers would see him, Jeremy dusted off the snow, held a bottle up to the fading afternoon light, and poured… To his excitement, almost every buyer said, “It’s delicious, and a beautiful bottle! Send me a case tomorrow”.

Absolutely delicious
Martha Stewart

Giving Back

Three years earlier, Jeremy was living in Latin America, where he heard many stories of women who had experienced abuse, (often by the men who supposedly loved them). As his understanding grew of the magnitude of violence against women, Jeremy felt deeply compelled to find a way to make a difference.

Jeremy vowed that as Yellingbo grew, he would use the business to give back. Yellingbo now donates $1 from every online sale to life-changing women and girls’ development projects.

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